JQAMv3 Change Log.


v3.1    (11/4/10)

Corrected slight inaccuracy in the transmit free buffer space.

Removed unnecessary sleep statements from the soundcard thread.

Various miscellaneous GUI improvements.

Added station logging.

Added file transfer ability.

Added a simplex transmission mode.

Added minimal automation functions. (I plan to do more of these)

And others.

v3.2    (14/5/10)

Adjustable output volume.

Adjustable frequency offset.

Wavetable frame dropping bug fixed.

Jack support for Linux.

Constant maximum output volume with respect to bandwidth.
(Before this, small bandwidth signals would be quiet, whilst large bandwidth signals would be loud. Now it's normalized to about 80%)

WaveOut support added for windows in addition to directsound.
(This was added due to direct sound dropping frames on my computer. Presumably this problem was not unique to my computer?)

Settings checking updated.

Miscellaneous GUI stuff

v3.3.2    (7/6/10)

Window to allow easier configuration of VLC. Automation, playlists, compression formats, etc.

OGG container support. (now Vorbis and Theora compressions can be used)

High-frequency boost when modulating. The volume is unchanged. (This is done by reducing the volume level of the low frequencies to allow the higher frequencies to have more energy)

A fast FIR Pre-equalizing channel filter when demodulating. This improves symbol and frequency acquisition and tracking. (This feature is useful for hard to get signals)

Gamma has been removed. (It was unneeded because of being able to use frequency offsets).

Can now link modulation settings with demodulator settings.

Miscellaneous GUI stuff.



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