Purchasing JQAMv3 full verison Windows/Linux 32bit binary

  Purchasing the full version allows JQAMv3 to be run to its full potential. It allows the use of the larger constellation size of 64 points, modification of the carrier frequency and bandwidth for both the transmitter and receiver, as well as the use of the frequency scanner to acquire unknown transmission settings detection. In addition it has a file transfer mechanism, a simplex mode, and some automation settings.

Before purchase make sure that the demo version of JQAMv3 works on your computer. This can be found at http://wwwjontio.zapto.org/jqam.

On submission of the purchase form below, you will be directed to pay via PayPal with payee reference jontio@i4free.co.nz. After it has been processed (will take up to 24 hours)  you will be e-mailed a link to download the software. The cost is $25USD for 2 licenses.

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